Club Fitting

Call John at 401-835-6280
to schedule a fitting.

Easy Fitting
The first step of an Easy Fitting begins with a interview between yourself
and one of our Professional Staff.  The exchange of information and feedback
which takes place during this interview will help you zero in on a few products,
test them and identify the one you prefer.  From there, one of our fitters will employ
their expertise to choose clubs that correctly fit your needs.

Some of the fitting parameters for Easy Fittings
Club Length, Club Loft Lie Angle, Shaft Material, Shaft Flex and Weight,
 Grip Selection, Ideal Set Make-Up (hybrids/iron mix)

Easy Wood and Iron Fittings - $15
(free with a club purchase)

EASY Club Evaluation - $15
Wondering if your current clubs are the proper fit for you?
One of our professionals will take you through the steps of an
Easy Fitting on your current clubs and prescribe any needed adjustments.

Flightscope Fitting
Of course our Flightscope Fittings include everything described
above in our EASY FITTING section above...PLUS much more...

During Flightscope Fittings, our Professional Staff utilizes our 
state-of-the-art Flightscope X3 Launch Monitor technology to
take fitting to a whole new level and deliver the most accurate fit possible.
Much more information about the technology can be found on our
Flightscope blog page located here.

Flightscope Fittings are $30 for each 30 minutes.

Flightscope Fittings are available for any of the following:
Drivers, Long Game, Irons, Wedges, Gap Fitting.